The Hilltop Hoods G-SHOCK watch hands on – It’s so simple, slick and stylish


As tech junkies at Ausdroid, we are usually drawn to the most recent and finest shiny items that go beep. Lately a single caught my eye from G-SHOCK as a collaboration with the Hilltop Hoods. On the surface area, it appears definitely simple and in honesty, it is but damn it’s slick!

What is it?

In the easiest of conditions, it’s a watch with a simple phase counter in it. Of program, getting 2022, it is got an application to connection to your cellphone and track your ways during the working day. In a twist to the normal, “always-on” relationship this demands the consumer to manually set off a sync of the data. Whilst this might seem counter-intuitive, it is a likely enormous battery saver. With a quoted battery daily life of up to two decades, which is an absolute reward.

There are not a heap of features integrated, with basic day, dual time (300 cities globally), stopwatch, alarms and water resistance to 200 meters. In short, it tells the time with a couple extra attributes and protections developed-in. This is a styled twist on the G-SHOCK GBA800 bringing the Hilltop Hoods monogram and fashion to the device. The matte black complete to the confront with purple accents and backlight appears to be like beautiful, it’s a genuine eye catcher.

Mild, chunky, comfortable and long lasting

Like a lot of I’m guaranteed, I have experienced watches in the past that appeared good but weren’t tremendous comfortable. Frequently speaking, the more substantial look at faces have been the key offenders as well, so I did have some problems when this arrived. Those problems were very short lived while, because it’s considerably lighter than I expected and, furnishing you get the strap pressure correct, it’s very snug.

What I significantly like about this is the truth that it is these a strong unit. Getting an SES volunteer, I’m sometimes in cases that aren’t wonderful for electronics. There’s opportunity for effects or accidental submersion and in the long run problems to equipment. Being a G-SHOCK unit, it is perfectly and truly capable of dealing with anything I toss at it day by day and even in that volunteering job.

Should you obtain one?

Because this arrived, I’ve actually actually loved not owning my wrist excitement and beep through the day. It is shockingly refreshing and has alleviated notification tiredness a good deal. So though many who’ve modified to the constantly-linked way of life and like possessing quick accessibility to notifications will not take pleasure in such a simple, phase-counting device there are just as several who will.

If this appears and looks like a product you could like to get a closer search at, then there are a few of possibilities. The initially is the watch alone for RRP$349.00 or you can choose up the VIP pack:

The packaging features a 7″ Display constructed in just the box lid. The only area admirers can gain access to an exceptional job interview that provides an intimate seem into the band’s life and how they navigated the world wide pandemic all when building their individual constrained version G-SHOCK.

This is not a observe every person will want in our present related entire world, but if you are seeking to escape the notification barrage then it’s worth a look. I’m individually a large fan of the Hilltop Hoods and of currently being ready to disconnect once in a while, this isn’t just a functional watch it is a excellent searching a person as well.

Disclosure Statement

Owing to cleanliness reasons in COVID times, the device has not been asked for for return.


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