Inca Knots Inspire Quantum Computer

[ad_1] We think of data storage as a modern problem, but even ancient civilizations kept records. While much of the world used stone tablets or other media that didn’t survive the centuries, the Incas used something called quipu which encoded numeric data in strings using knots. Now the ancient system […]

Car Companies Are Eyeing the Moon

[ad_1] Hyundai and Kia are partnering with six Korean research institutes to develop mobility solutions and technologies for the moon. General Motors is developing similar mobility solutions and technologies alongside Lockheed Martin. The moon gives automakers and systems manufacturers a perfect testbed for new technologies. Going to the moon is […]

Roscosmos Will Leave the ISS in 2024 2028

[ad_1] This web-site may perhaps gain affiliate commissions from the hyperlinks on this site. Phrases of use. The Global Area Station was conceived and constructed as a symbol of post-Cold War cooperation amongst The united states and Russia. And for thirty years, it’s been sailing peacefully in small-earth orbit. Even […]

5 Efficient Apps that Will Change Your Life

[ad_1] Searching for successful applications to support in your day to working day? Verify out our favorites! Technological know-how is a double-edged sword. It has assisted us create revolutionary and meaningful applications to make our life less complicated, but it is also the cause we’re lonelier and have lousy posture. […]

Amateur Radio Digital Modes

[ad_1] The electronic modes of transmission applied in newbie radio have observed numerous solutions due to the fact the introduction of personal computers, the availability of soundcards, and sophisticated programs. Due to the fact the before digital modes applied significant and heavy mechanical teleprinters, they utilised to be really bulky […]

Nextleaf Develops Technology to Produce Distilled THC-Free CBD Oil

[ad_1] Vancouver, British Columbia – July 25, 2022 (Newsfile Corp.) ( Newswire) Nextleaf is commercializing its patented technological innovation by utilizing its new distillate-centered component to electrical power the next generation of innovative CBD items dispersed beneath the Company’s prohibition-period manufacturer, Glacial Gold™, and providing bulk THC-Cost-free CBD elements to […]