New robot technology transforms patient procedures at Spectrum Health


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — New innovative technology at Spectrum Health is transforming the standard of care for surgical patients and making it easier on surgeons.

Spectrum Health held a ribbon-cutting recently to unveil robotic technology called the “da Vinci Single Port”.

“It’s been a wonderful addition to our surgical armamentarium here,” Dr. Chris Brede, section chief of urology, said. “We are using this robotic platform for all of our intrabdominal surgeries including prostate surgery, bladder surgery, kidney surgery, urinary surgery, and both for cancer and reconstructive purposes.”

Spectrum Health says its the first health system in the West Michigan area to debut the technology that is already been used on patients.

“We are seeing patients back to their normal lives, their normal physical activity much sooner than they ever have before,” Brede said.

Patient surgical experience will look and feel different with the da Vinci SP.

Doctors say the technology pushes patient care forward as it allows just a single site incision instead of multiple resulting in less blood loss, less scarring and fewer complications.

“Surgery is less painful, meaning less pain medications are needed and allows patients to recover and get back to their lives faster,” a release stated.

“That’s the main reason for bringing in new technologies is really for patient care if you can improve patient care if we can reduce hospital stays and reduce their time around other sick people it’s kind of another big win in the era of communicable diseases,” Brede said.


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