Custom iPhone 13 Pro Max has USB-C, double the battery, and a fan


The smaller sized a laptop or computer gets, the additional subtle it results in being. Smartphones like the Apple iphone come about to be the smallest pcs offered right now, and you just can’t quickly enhance a person on your very own. But it’s not unattainable to convert an off-the-shelf Apple iphone 13 Pro Max into a gadget that has USB-C connectivity, a 3.5mm headphone jack, double the battery lifestyle, and an inner enthusiast to enhance cooling. But it won’t be very.

Does the Apple iphone 13 have USB-C?

For many years, we’ve questioned whether Apple will make the swap from Lightning to USB-C on Iphone. But that has not transpired however, even even though Apple transitioned just about just about every iPad in its lineup to USB-C. The Iphone 13 USB-C rumors arrived like clockwork, but Apple by no means went that way.

Normally, rumors then reported that the Iphone 14 designs could be the initial ones to characteristic a USB-C, specially taking into consideration stress from the EU for all sellers to embrace the exact same charging port. But it appears far more very likely that Apple will go to a wi-fi-charging-only Apple iphone alternatively than embrace USB-C.

That reported, engineers who aren’t afraid to mess with the iPhone’s internals have included USB-C connectivity to the Apple iphone by on their own. We noticed an Apple iphone X with USB-C connectivity promoting for 1000’s of bucks on the net a several months back.

This wasn’t even the very first outrageous Apple iphone components hack. A distinct engineer included a headphone jack to the Iphone 7 a handful of a long time back. He did it without the need of transforming the phone’s total style and design, help you save for the 3.5mm port that experienced to be included to the chassis.

If you have witnessed those personalized iPhones, you will not be astonished to see what’s probable with the Apple iphone 13 Pro Max. An engineer from China gave the handset a enormous makeover that incorporates USB-C connectivity and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The tailor made Apple iphone 13 Pro Max “Ultra”

TikTok user Douyin made a decision to go for a significant update on the Apple iphone 13 Professional Max, turning into an “Ultra” gadget not like nearly anything on the market place. Just before we look at the new characteristics, we’ll also have to condition the noticeable. The Iphone 13 Professional Max Ultra is not at all pretty. It has about double the width, as the modder glued yet another case on top of the current metal frame.

That is what authorized him to add the additional components to the cellular phone. The USB-C and 3.5mm jack sit on the bottom, flanking the Lightning port. The modder also tweaked the major speaker to make it louder.

Within the Iphone 13 Pro Max Ultra, an additional battery correctly doubles the handset’s existence. The Apple iphone 13 Pro Max can last two times on a demand, and it currently provides the greatest smartphone battery existence out there.

The added room authorized Douyin to spot two little lovers inside the Apple iphone 13 Professional Max Ultra contraption for even improved cooling.

The conclude consequence is an Iphone 13 model with USB-C connectivity that characteristics greater battery lifestyle. In addition, the cell phone scores improved in some benchmarks, which implies that the added cooling can help the handset provide peak general performance for an extended period of time.

Even so, air circulating inside the cellphone also exposes the elements to dust particles. And this custom made Iphone 13 Pro Max is no extended h2o-resistant.

You can watch the videos documenting the Apple iphone 13 Professional Max transformation at this link.

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