Increase Your Building Efficiency Affordably With Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building management systems (BMS), or building automation systems (BAS) take building efficiency and security to the ultimate level; a clever, cost-effective, and eco-friendly objective for any sustainable building projects. One must think of a BMS as a tool which must be used properly, and maintained properly to function at its optimum; in order to produce the greatest energy saving results, and the lowest operating cost reductions. The fact is today most buildings which already have BMS in place may not be utilizing the system to its full potential; and those buildings which do not have BMS yet are surely not capitalizing on the proven tools available to make their building operating expenses less, and their business competitiveness increased as a result.

Today the affordability of BMS makes building automation accessible to small or medium sized businesses who operate in commercial buildings, retail buildings, industrial facilities, and high and low-rise office buildings. The leading BMS technologies and peripheral devices recommended are flexible to adapt to any size building, and scalable to expand as your business grows. Whether your building or facility already has a BMS in place to be upgraded, or you are considering the integration of a new BMS, the decision to do so is sound considering the free Governmental funding available to aid you in your BMS project. A BMS can also be installed in phases, and the project can be financed, making it simpler to budget and to help you reach your goal of owning the long-term benefits BMS offers; i.e. energy saved, reduced environmental impact, reduced operating expenses, and increased building asset value.

Now is the time to optimize your existing BMS investment with a re-instatement or upgrade to the newest building automation technology, and to protect your investment with real-time monitoring and regularly scheduled maintenance. The expansion of your existing BMS is possible with the latest technologies which ‘adapt’ to the system you already have installed. The controller can be updated with a more advanced controller which can now even communicate wirelessly with its sensing devices, making the prospect to add-on more sensing devices and the gathering of all-important data even easier. The data gathered is also more easily accessible, giving the building manager true transparency of the buildings status and the ability to make changes simply via the Internet.

Make use today of available Governmental grants and incentives to achieve the best return on investment (ROI) for your BMS project. At present there are various programs in Ontario, Canada offering free funding to help you with your building energy efficiency investments. Contact your local building technologies service company for help with the design of your building energy saving solution; including the integration, and maintenance of the system for long-term uninterrupted operability. More information on the available grants/incentives from Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), and the Ontario Ministry of Energy are highlighted below:

OPA “saveONenergy” Programs for Business Pay Up-to 50% of Your Project Costs. Incentives are available for high efficiency equipment such as lighting, motors and heating, and for installing new building control systems to improve the over-all efficiency of your building.

RCC is now also offering the “Energy Bright” program to help the Retail Industry realize the integration of BMS. RCC is pleased to provide incentives to all stakeholders who influence energy consumption in the retail environment, including: retailers of all sizes, service providers that work with retail customers, and property managers that lease retail space.

For more information on the “saveONenergy” or “Energy Bright” programs please visit:

Ontario Ministry of Energy Offers Grants and Incentives To Help You Reach Your Energy Saving Goals. There are many conservation and renewable energy programs available from the Ontario Ministry of Energy to help you in your efforts to be more energy aware for your business.

For more information on “Incentives For Business” please visit:

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