Are You Ready For Website Redesign?

10 Tips Mendesain Ulang Website untuk Hasil yang Lebih Baik di tahun 2017

In today’s “new normal”, a wonderful corporate website has turned out to be a necessary marketing tool for staying established and successful amongst target audiences and competitors. Approaching a top-rated web design company in Reno to invest in a website redesign is a big step, but if don well, it may pay off big time. It is critical to regularly assess the digital presence of your brand to make sure that it is represented, expressed, and portrayed in an engaging and intuitive manner that meets the needs of your target audience.

In conclusion, while planning a redesign, the following are a few variables to mull over:

  • Is your existing website reflecting your brand positioning properly?

A lot of companies that used to count on trade shows and in-person sales are fast losing brand awareness. Moreover, a lot of companies continue to employ obsolete websites that no longer match their brand strategy or customer needs. Executing a website redesign project plan is a simple and quick strategy to raise brand awareness and reach out to the target audience.

So as to build brand trust and loyalty, it is crucial to imprint the brand identity of your company on the digital presence. Through thoughtful messaging, design, and content, your website should effectively communicate the brand voice, tone, and guidelines of your company.

  • Are you maximizing SEO?

A promising SEO foundation and plan will lead to higher rating on the SERPs for your website. With the help of specialized SEO services in Reno, more qualified prospects will visit your website, as a result of enhanced brand and search visibility, and the network of your company will grow consequently.

Higher organic traffic, brand visibility, and lead generation are just a few of the benefits of redesigning the website for SEO. Executing an SEO plan that assesses the Google search console and which keywords are optimal for SEO and SERP exposure is crucial so as to make best use of brand awareness and search ranks.

  • Do you have a system in place to generate and convert leads?

A well-designed digital presence may be used as an in-house sales and marketing tool, with user journeys optimized to nurture leads and guide users towards conversion. It should reflect and support your sales cycle, with clear calls to action and quite a lot of opportunities for the users to convert, complete a transaction, or contact you.

If your website is not converting or creating new revenue, a website audit to learn more regarding user behavior might be advantageous. You may make use of heat maps and Google analytics to see how long users spend on each page, where they leave the website, and which content piece are the most popular. This data will aid in determining the ultimate aim of each user, as well as present user journey pain points and page optimization difficulties.

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