Memory Strategies For Senior Citizens – What Technology Today Tells Us!

Memory loss, lack of brain clarity, or fear of memory loss is something experienced by just about every aging adult or senior citizen today!

Facing these obstacle personally can cause a lot of panic, anxiety and frustration.

Most aging adults think they are losing their ability to focus and remember because their brain is just simply getting old but this is not totally the case! In fact, contrary to popular belief, most of the beginning stages of brain fuzz symptoms and memory loss issues have more to do with a lack of use than a lack of youth!

As adults and seniors age, the demand to rely on their brain occurs less frequently. When their brain is not challenged it does not expand and grow; therefore their memory and ability to focus is not sharp! Their memories and focus becomes dull.

The good news is that technology today strongly indicates that we can have a dramatic effect on the capability of our brain as a result of how we treat it!

Brain exercise and utilization of proper brain techniques can sharpen the brain and even make it strong again! Regardless of age, proper brain function techniques can literally re-grow the brain. Most people don’t realize that with use, the brain does grow!

The brain is malleable. It’s almost like a piece of plastic that can be shaped!

With proper stimulation and healthy activity, the brain creates neuron connections. These connections can be compared to a tree that is growing more branches.

With this knowledge, we can treat our brains like we would a muscle. As we age, we can learn to keep our minds properly stimulated using specific techniques. With proper brain stimulation, senior citizens can are in far more control than has been thought possible. They can notice drastic effects and exciting changes in their memory, focus and clarity both long term and short term!

Now you have an understanding that you are directly impacting your mind through the way you treat it. I’ve told you that your brain is malleable. I’ve told you that it grows with use! I’ve also told you that your short term memory and long term memory can be greatly affected by proper brain stimulation.

I’ve been studying the brain for the last five years. I am fascinated by the brain and grateful to know that we have so many excellent options and resources to benefit us in this day and age.

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