Live Subtitles For Your Life


Particular head-up shows are a know-how whose time ought by now to have come, but which notwithstanding tries these types of as the Google Glass, have steadfastly refused to catch on. There&#8217s an intriguing risk in [Basel Saleh]&#8217s CaptionIt challenge nevertheless, a head-up screen that offers captions for everyday conditions.

The hardware is a little I²C OLED display screen with a reflector and a 3D-printed mount hooked up to a pair of eyeglasses, and it&#8217s claimed that it will do the job with virtually any ARM v7 SBC, together with extra current Raspberry Pi boards. It works by using the vosc speech recognition toolkit to study audio from a USP audio device, with the resulting text staying shown on the display.

The device is revealed in action in the video beneath the split, and without seeking it ourselves we can&#8217t remark on its utility, but apart from the novelty we can see it could have a significant influence as an accessibility assist. But it&#8217s as an digital Babel fish coupled with translation application that we&#8217d like to see it acquire, so that inadvertent but hilarious international misunderstandings can be shared by all.

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