iPhone 12 with OLED display

IPhone 12 4G Murah, Diluncurkan Awal 2021

what are the advantages of the iPhone 12 compared to other iPhones …?

well this time we will discuss what are the advantages of the iPhone 12 compared to other iPhone series, the advantages of the iPhone 12

As the newest iPhone cellphone, of course, the iPhone 12 comes with some advantages over the previous iPhone cellphones. To be clear, check out the following reviews:

OLED screen: The four series of iPhone 12 deals India already use the OLED screen which is the most sophisticated screen to date, and this is one of the superior features of the iPhone 12 compared to other smartphone brands, and maybe the iPhone is now the mecca of all other smartphone brands want to compete with the best products from apple

maybe this feature is very useful for smartphone enthusiasts who want speed on your smartphone, High Refresh Rate: The iPhone 12 comes with the highest frame rate of 120 Hz which is equipped with the ProMotion Display feature to adjust the refresh rate with applications to make it more power efficient and this makes the iPhone 12 a smartphone best.

Apple has also installed a chipset that has been developed by Apple, the Latest Chipset: iPhone 12 uses the A14 Bionic chipset, the latest Apple-made processor that is new to the second-generation iPad Air, this makes the iPhone very fast in accessing very heavy applications at once and this makes the iPhone 12 is highly desirable among teenagers who like to play games and video editors.

in terms of the iPhone network is equipped with,

5G connectivity: 5G connectivity on the iPhone 12 will make the internet faster than 4G connectivity, the network also affects the speed of the internet which makes it easy for us to do tasks or browse the internet at the highest speed.

Well, that’s the leak regarding the specifications of the iPhone 12, which is scheduled to be released on October 13, 2020. The four iPhone 12 series do have their advantages.

Apple also presents the best chipset in this new HP series with the iOS 14 operating system which has more attractive features for consumers.