How To Attract Or Build A Relationship Using Divine Technology

Life is never without relationship problems, be it with your spouse, children, family or friends. Relationship is the pillar of life and your success depends very much on it. In business, how well you perform and how successful you are all depends on your relationship with your fellow workers, bosses, suppliers and customers.

There are also problems with the lack of relationships. People go through life without having the right partner or switching from one partner to another in the search for the right one. With working hours getting longer as people spend more time building their careers, relationship building often take its toll.

So how do you mend or attract relationships? In the oneness of yoga and the divine connection among all humans, the sound or mantra that attracts and builds relationships is KLEEM. KLEEM is the primordial sound that exists since the beginning of time, and the archetype behind this sound is Goddess Parvati, who rules relationships. Just by chanting this sound daily will change your brain patterns and thought frequency and cause your surroundings to change and vibrate with your own energy.

If you are having a problem with your spouse or partner, chanting KLEEM repeatedly while picturing the person in your mid-brain will cause him or her to vibrate with your frequency. The result will be that that person will come to an agreement with you. Speaking or counselling seldom works and even if they do, the change will not be 100%. What you need is divine technology to help you alter the problem at its root cause. This mantra will go deep into your consciousness and repair the relationship at the particle level and change its form. Divine technology is the solution for humankind and in essence we are all divine beings in human forms.

In attracting a relationship, chanting KLEEM repeatedly will cause your vibrational frequency to connect with the person that your soul is searching for. Your soul will identify the right person and will cause the two souls to meet. As if by magic, the right person will turn up as you attend a seminar, shop at the supermarket or through other friends. Your soul knows you better so a soul mate is always the best mate.

So KLEEM is the mantra or sound to use and the best thing about it is that it is free. It is the sound used by yogis and seers in India who received this divine gift in their deep states of ‘samadhi’ or meditation. The sound can be found and downloaded from YouTube for easy listening.

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