Have a newborn baby at home? Get a surveillance camera to keep a watchful eye

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You’re only a few days into having a newborn at home, and it’s already clear that you plan to keep an eye on the baby, all the time. However, it is not possible throughout the day and that’s where a surveillance camera can help. 

With the right equipment and some know-hows, you can set up a camera that allows you to monitor your baby without having to be right there with them or wake up every time they make noise.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 cameras that can help you take care of your newborn. 

Best indoor cameras to watch over your newborn child

As a parent, you need to make sure that the security camera you buy is easy to use, has a good image quality and video resolution, and can be accessed remotely. The camera should also have a good battery life so that it’s always ready when needed. Some cameras have night vision while others don’t. You might also want one with two-way audio so that your baby can hear your voice while they sleep at night or during naptime. Considering all the features that are important, here are the top three camera recommendations:

  1. Airtel 360° cam

Airtel has introduced its Xsafe plan which is affordable and comes with a lot of features. With its plan, it has launched surveillance cameras, and one of them, the Airtel 360° cam tops the list of indoor cameras. It is perfect for keeping an eye on your baby. It is capable of providing you with 360-degree coverage. It has exclusive features like full HD video and smart tracking, which alerts you with an image upon detecting a moving person. Moreover, this indoor camera has advanced infrared LED lights that allow you to see clear and crisp video footage even during complete darkness. The camera is even affordable, and easy to use. 

  1. YI 1080p Home Camera 

This camera has a 1080p HD resolution, f/2.0 aperture and a 112-degree wide-angle lens. It has a special feature which allows you to zoom up to 4x just by double tapping. Moreover, it offers integrated gyroscope support which allows you to have a complete panoramic view by panning your smartphone left and right. This camera has advanced algorithms which can help detect your baby’s cry within seconds and automatically sends a notification to your smartphone. It also comes with a clear night vision feature so that you can clearly watch your baby’s movements at night. 

  1. Airtel Sticky Cam

Here comes another indoor camera from Airtel that will help you watch your baby easily. It has features like full HD video, night vision up to 12m, motion detection, magnetic base and comes with a featherweight. The camera has an advanced AI algorithm that intelligently detects the motion of human shapes in real time. Moreover, it is an Airtel Wi-Fi CCTV camera, so you can watch it from anywhere and anytime. 


Video surveillance is a great tool for parents who want to be sure that their newborn babies are safe. As a parent, you can watch over your little one from anywhere and know exactly what’s going on at home. 

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