FOREX Megadroid Verses FAP Turbo – How Does the Forex Megadroid Compare to the FAP Turbo?

With the state of the economy, many people are looking for ways to supplement their income. A growing field is the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX). As with any field, as more people began to invest in it, new technologies have begun to become available. Automated robots have been developed that make trades in the Forex market quicker and easier than before. As each program is released, others are being created that are better than their predecessors are. Two of the more popular and modern software nowadays are the FAP Turbo and the FOREX Megadroid. I’ve compared them here to help you make a decision on which Forex robots/expert advisors/automated trading systems might work the best for you.

Most of those looking at these systems might find that the Forex Megadroid is mostly directed toward those who are just beginning in Forex, whereas the FAP Turbo is directed to more experienced traders with large investment portfolios.

FOREX Megadroid is designed to be invisible to brokers. No broker can identify that you are trading with this machine, while FAP turbo is visible to others. However, both can also operate in stealth mode, where the true target and stop loss levels are not shown.

FOREX Megadroid trades only in a one hour time frame and for one pair of currencies, the Euro and the Dollar. This enables the robot to focus on its analysis therefore providing a more accurate and more often than not, a higher rate. The FAP turbo on the other hand has an adjustable timeframe and may give you many profitable trades per day because it works in all currency pairs.

These two also differ in price. The FOREX Megadroid robot will cost you a little less, only $97, while the FAP turbo is $149.

Both offer the opportunity to run a demo account with fake money and see how well the software does for you. However, the FAP Turbo comes with a 30-day hassle free guarantee, while the Forex Megadroid comes with a 60-day guarantee.

The creators behind both the FAP Turbo and Forex Megadroid have created the software to be extremely user friendly. Both products come with step-by-step video installation instructions so that even the computer illiterate would be able to follow. All of the settings are preset as well so you do not have to worry about a thing. They are both plug and play by design. But, these products differ by the way their internal strategies were built. The Forex -Megadroid has built-in: Conservation and Aggressive; whereas FAP Turbo has clear, two strategies shown on the setting parameters: Scalper and Long Term Trading.

Whether you choose Megadroid or FAP turbo, the success of your trade still depends on you. Study how the market works and practice through demo accounts but be sure to use a robot that will fit your trading style.

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