Flip Book Animations On The Inside Of 3D Prints

Clara D. Flaherty


We have all viewed 3D printed zoetropes, and drawn flip guide animations in the corner of notebooks.  The shifting, fluid form of the layers forming on a 3D printer is enjoyable. And we all know the pleasure of concealed, nested objects.

Hackaday alumnus [Caleb Kraft] has a number of art items that all mirror all these. He’s been making animations by recording a 3D printer. The attention-grabbing bit is that his print is created of two objects. An outer just one with standard infill that offers a sound sort, and a layer cake like interior just one with stable infill. It’s documented in this movie on YouTube.

CAD model of the stack of frames
CAD product of the stack of frames

There are heaps of items to get suitable.  The outer object requirements to print without supports. The thickness of the “layer cake” levels decides the frame charge. I experienced to wonder how he induced the shutter  when the head was not in the way.

His to start with, experimental, piece is the classic ‘bouncing ball’ animation, inside of a ball, and his experienced piece is Eadward Muybridge’s “The Horse, In Motion” inside a movie digicam .

We have covered [Caleb Kraft] right before, of course. His Moon On A Budget piece is amazing.  And we’ve covered a number of 3D printer animations. and 3D zoetropes.  We significantly have been drawn to this one.

Thanks [jmc] for the suggestion!



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