Difference between buying a product from a reseller and buying from the brand itself

How to Buy Cheap Wholesale Products & Items for Resale? You Must Know

In the past, it is almost impossible to buy products directly from a manufacturer as a consumer. This is because even wholesalers would only sell to people who are buying a minimum of several quantities. The minimum quantity manufacturers sell are also significantly more than what wholesalers sell. Since no consumer would want to buy at the minimum rate for wholesalers, let along for the manufacturers, they are often left with the option of buying from the retailers. Those who have been around for a while and are already used to this process might still find it difficult to remember they can now buy products directly from the brand itself, even if they want to buy just a single copy. This article will discuss the difference between buying a product from a reseller and the brand itself.

When you are buying a product from the reseller, you need to be extremely careful. First, you must confirm that the reseller is reliable. For this purpose, you will have to read reviews such as Currys PC World review to know how reliable the reseller is. Reliability on the part of the reseller will entail that they sell original products that they buy directly from the brands or representative of the brands. It would also mean that the pricing of their products is not outrageous and that their customer service department is also functioning properly. All of these are what people will have to make sure of so that they can be sure that the product they are getting will be original and in good condition. Even though brands will want to make provisions for resellers to be able to sell at the same price so that they can keep their customers, it might still be a bit difficult as buying from resellers is likely to be a bit more expensive.

In the event of a problem, a reseller will most likely also just act as a middle man making the response time to be longer. If you need clarification or make a complaint, they are likely to pass it across to the manufacturer, wait for a response from the manufacturer before relaying the response back to you. This is why many people now prefer to buy directly from brands than to buy from resellers.

When you buy from the brand like buying from Samsung, you are almost sure that you are getting the product at the cheapest possible price. Furthermore, you would know that in the event of any issue, you will be communicating directly with the manufacturers. The manufacturers will be more willing to listen to you and sort out whatever your grievance is. They won’t want you running to the Internet to drop negative reviews. The implication is that you will expect to have a better price, be sure you are getting the original product and also enjoy better customer service if you patronize the brand as opposed to if you patronize a reseller.

It is important to note that there are resellers that can negotiate to buy products at discount prices and also know that customers have the option of buying from the brand. Hence, they go out of their way to make the cost of their products even lower and to ensure that their customer service matches that of the brands or even better.

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