Cityscape Multi-Level Keyboard Really Stacks Up


Keyboards with wells like the Maltron, the Kinesis Gain family, and almost everything dactyl-esque out there are good. Have confidence in us, we know this firsthand. But if you want to make your possess curvy girl, how the heck can you put into practice that form devoid of 3D printing, intelligent woodworking, or access to tooling and plastic molding devices? Well, there is one more way. More than on twitter (translated) (Threadreader: Japanese, English), [tsukasa_metam] has reached the crucial well result by stacking up PCBs to develop a skyline of vertically-staggered keys.

The boards of Cityscape are all screwed collectively for mechanical integrity, but those people screws are functioning time beyond regulation, furnishing electrical connections between the levels as nicely. We especially like that there is an impetus for this establish other than ‘I assumed of it, so let’s do it’ — [tsukasa_metam] tends to typo in the double important push sense, hitting Q for occasion at the identical time when A was the supposed target. Concerning the 3.2 mm of important journey, the 2.8 mm stage top, and those flat F10 keycaps, that is no longer an difficulty.

In its place of the well-liked reduced-profile Kailh choc switches, [tsukasa_metam] went with TTC KS32s, a new swap released in 2020. In contrast to chocs, they’ll consider Cherry MX-model keycaps, as lengthy as they are donning shorter skirts. Cityscape is not entirely open source, but the strategy is now out there even so, and we take place to have an Odd Inputs and Peculiar Peripherals contest jogging now by July 4th.

Do stacked PCBs appear to be kinda common? Hey, it is simpler than winding transformer coils.

By way of KBD #79


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