Bungee-Corded Bass Zither Really Slaps

Clara D. Flaherty


Undoubtedly we’ve all performed some bass riffs on a stretched-out rubber band before, proper? [Nicolas Bras] found that the greatest musical rubber bands are bungee cords, and utilised seven of them to develop a double-bass zither that can be plucked or struck with drumsticks. Be confident to check it out in the create/demo movie immediately after the break.

[Nicolas] is what you may simply call a hardware retail store hacker. This is not his to start with instrumental rodeo by much in truth, he has put in the previous 15 many years creating devices from things like PVC and other commonly-readily available goods.

A person point in this make that’s not so typically out there is the huge seem box [Nicolas] constructed to strap the bungee cords across. He also designed customized bridges for the bungees that are topped with triangular wooden, which tends to make them glance like little row homes.

In order to basically enjoy the matter, [Nicolas] organized the row houses in a 2-place bridge program for twin-observe strings, which sound good between the bridges and the bungee hooks, but not so substantially amongst the bridges themselves. In general, the zither has a excellent, mellow seem no make a difference how he plays it, and we just may have to string one particular of these up ourselves.

Not a strings man or woman? Then you could be sated by [Nicolas]’ PVC pipes, which enjoy “Popcorn” beautifully.


Thanks for the idea, [Keith]!


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