4 Tips on How to Drive Germans to Your Website

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With the largest economy in Europe, it’s no wonder why Germany is an ideal spot for prospective business. However, to stand out in the market, you need to adopt extra strategies, especially when doing digital marketing. 

Are you irritated by slow loading websites? If yes, then make sure that yours is not lacking the same feature. A slow internet connection is the most common reason for poor website performance. Make sure to inquire about German digital marketing services and find an internet provider offering high-speed internet connections. Here, we suggest you act like a German and trust the one having a high reputation on reviewing platforms like Erfahrungenscout, a trustable brand to find unbiased and organic reviews.  

Once done, these are the 4 factors that can help you in penetrating the German online market: 

  1. Go Deutsch! 

Although the Germans have a good grip over English, they generally tend to communicate in German when it comes to business. Plus, it’s a co-official language of 5 European countries which means you will be hosting a large number of audiences out of Germany as well. 

But due to widespread usage of German, variation of dialects is apparent. However, as a general rule, Hochdeutsch (Standard German) is adapted for universal communications. So, here’s what you need to do first: 

  • Translate website in German 
  • Add ELV payment option as Germans prefer payment through it 
  • Hire customer service personnel who are fluent in German  
  • The representative should also have a deep understanding of the product to earn the confidence of Germans
  1. Focus on Social Media Platforms 

Although the use of social media is not as common in Germany when compared to other western countries, the recent trends have shown a revolutionary decline of young professionals toward it. And around 80{8659cc28798989e928b85415075b9ef3ac360c181887cece227be78d6b6fd7fc} of millennials are observed using social media on a daily basis. 

Considering this, trying social media platforms to promote your website is a solid idea for attracting a German audience. The study conducted by ARD-ZDF shares that Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are most commonly visited by users. Build strong business profiles there and educate the readers about your services but do not forget to convey messages in German only. 

  1. Share Mobile-Friendly and Data-Friendly Content 

According to Deloitte, 89{8659cc28798989e928b85415075b9ef3ac360c181887cece227be78d6b6fd7fc} of Germans are smartphone owners, 94{8659cc28798989e928b85415075b9ef3ac360c181887cece227be78d6b6fd7fc} of which use it on a daily basis. Also, a large proportion of them rely on smartphones for work rather than using laptops or PCs. Therefore, design your website such that it is readily accessible by smartphones. 

One more thing to remember is to avoid uploading a lot of videos and pictures. As the mobile broadband plans in Germany are costly, most of the users avoid using excessive mobile data. 

  1. Build Credibility

The Germans are quite concerned about their privacy and credibility of the website they are visiting. Share your compliance with the German privacy regulations to build integrity. 

The information you share on your website should contain no flaws at all. Back your claims by data, case studies and customer reviews. This is the only way to win over Germans. 

The Long-term Outlook 

Although entering the German market is challenging, the profit earned is worth the effort. Remember being natural and not too persuasive, and you are all good to build a strong reputation in the coming future.