The Role of SEO in the Modern-Day Enterprise Martech Stack:

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In the digital era of enterprise, the latest product of the fusion between marketing and technology is marketing technology or MarTech, which refers to an array of software and digital tools which assist in accomplishing the objectives of the marketing process. This nascent technology has already become a favorite of marketing strategists.

A MarTech stack is the assortment of technologies used by marketers to optimize and stimulate the marketing process. However, they are not isolated tools with mutually exclusive purposes. Instead, the technologies are “stacked” on top of each other to function as an integrated set of tools used to create and maintain seamless customer relationships throughout multiple channels.

The fact that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is decisive in the success of every online business is common knowledge. It is no longer seen as an isolated process and has become a part of the holistic set of digital activities, including inorganic techniques like PPC. Whenever consumers have a question or are in need of a solution, they turn to a search engine. It is the most effective way of increasing organic traffic, which is why businesses are spending a whopping amount on SEO and SEO-related products and services.

All marketing technology stacks have one thing in common: their core objective of facilitating marketing processes. All across industries, marketing professionals seek to derive insights about their customers from data in order to gain leverage. That is why organic search data derived from SEO is playing a critical role in the MarTech stack of every CMO. The marketing professionals at marketing agencies Columbus Ohio will explain how.

SEO and Martech- the link explained by leading professionals from a digital agency Columbus Ohio:

As the new digital terrain of marketing evolves and unfolds with time, CMOs are increasingly spending a prodigious sum on marketing technologies. Marketers have very well understood that to comprehend the customers, one has to prioritize search, which explains their expenditure on SEO technologies and solutions. 

As the COVID situation has stimulated the aggressive and rapid shift towards digital, CMOs are looking forward to leveraging search to improve the customer experience as much as possible from initial engagement to customer retention. Successful marketers are seeking to find out what their customers really want, using considerable research on customer search intent. The marketers at digital agency Columbus Ohio have understood that satisfying the customer’s latent needs is synonymous with driving sales and providing a positive boost to the financial bottom line.

Recognition of the customer’s voice:

SEO has become an indispensable part of MarTech because it presents marketers with the valuable opportunity to understand the customer’s voice that manifests in :

  • search query data 
  • SERP analysis
  • Analytics data and AI insights
  • Content marketing data.

Perhaps that is why businesses spent about $47.5 billion on SEO and related products and services in 2020 despite the COVID-19 outbreak. This indicates a significant trend among the marketing practices of our times.

From comprehending the macro trends about consumer behavior to analyzing minute search trends, the importance of SEO as a valuable business intelligence apparatus is unparalleled. Columbus marketing agency has found out that the insights derived from organic search data are helping businesses improve :

  • customer experiences, 
  • products and services, 
  • sales strategies, 
  • pricing models,
  • customer engagement, 
  • marketing decisions,
  • and operational and collaboration models.

From data to action:

With so much data generated by SEO, businesses are trying to leverage a combination of historical and real-time insights to perpetuate the success of their MarTech stack. According to market research insights and projections, as all devices around us are connected to search engines, the value of the SEO industry is expected to reach up to $77.6 billion by 2023. With the increasing number of searches generated, brands get acquainted with new data points, revealing valuable information about the modern hyper-connected consumer. 

Businesses are utilizing AI and algorithms embedded in search engines to identify basic patterns of consumer behavior. Thus as the experts at digital marketing Columbus Ohio have observed, the role of data and analytics is becoming all the more crucial the assimilation of the marketing technology stacks of businesses. They are looking forward to using technology with advanced capabilities so that they can have access to resources like structured data sets, real-time insights, and scope for automated action.

Machine learning technologies allow marketers to instantly identify newfound opportunities and dynamically create and manage content across several digital marketing media. Facilitating the journey from the acquisition of data to the derivation of insights to acting accordingly. Many organizations are using deep-learning technology to study complex and dynamic data sets in order to :

  • Boost real-time optimization
  • Leverage predictive analytics
  • Customize campaigns
  • Automate critical yet tedious tasks

Integration and stimulation:

As marketing organizations feel the urgent need to adapt to the practice of achieving more with fewer resources, technology and its benefits are indispensable for a marketing team. According to digital agency Columbus Ohio, market patterns indicate that insights derived from SEO are increasingly informing other digital marketing activities like PPC. Thus SEO has the function of integrating the entire approach of the digital marketing campaign. Therefore, marketers are using the SEO technologies at their disposal to incorporate several elements of their marketing technology stack.

Successful enterprises are using technologies corresponding to ecosystems to improve their functionality in fields like:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Content Management System
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Search Analytics
  • Automation management


The most powerful asset of MarTech is meaningful data, and herein lies the importance of SEO. New technologies can utilize this data to churn out valuable insights that inform the marketing processes. As search becomes more engaging in multiple ways due to the evolution of technology, it also becomes the most accurate representation of the opinion and behavior of consumers. This makes SEO more relevant than ever, endowing marketers with a competitive edge.