The Artists Behind DRIFT Discuss the Unparalleled Potential of Technology in Cultivating Connections with Nature


In a culture of seemingly endless digital distraction and 1 that regularly prioritizes financial gain in excess of the health of the planet, it’s straightforward to forget about that technological innovation and mother nature do not have to be at odds. We know that innovation has its charge, and there is no denying that mass generation and subsequent waste have permanently ruptured our setting.

If we glean anything from Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta (formerly), though, it is that technology and nature aren’t inherently incompatible. The artists launched DRIFT, a multi-faceted studio centered in Amsterdam, in 2007 and have put in the previous many years discovering the intersection of these two realms. Experiential and immersive, their broad overall body of get the job done harnesses the electric power of robotics, created mechanisms, and even algorithms to visualize some of the most amazing and charming organic phenomena and ecological cycles. Technology, for the pair, is a internet positive, and their objective is to produce and explore its probable for superior.

Colossal running editor Grace Ebert spoke with Gordijn and Nauta through email in February 2022 about the origins of their collaboration-driven studio, how recognizing and internalizing designs can support us realign with the environment all over us, and why mother nature and the inevitability of transform is the only assure.

This discussion has been edited for clarity. Proven above is “Fragile Potential.”

Grace: To get started, can you notify us how DRIFT came into existence? How did you get to be a workforce of 64, and what do some of these roles consist of?

Lonneke: For the duration of our scientific studies, Ralph and I would climb up an deserted creating and invest several hours philosophising about why things are the way they are and how we can improve the earth. Ralph has usually been interested in science fiction and technologies exactly where I have generally been far more intrigued in all-natural phenomena. We encourage each and every other and started DRIFT in 2007 to produce work in which we merge our passions. We build all of the tech for our get the job done in-house, and the technological innovation we use for our operate is having far more sophisticated and complicated. Mainly because of this, we have a frequently growing group that contains artists, designers, specialists, and engineers. Our multidisciplinary team will allow us to draw from different perspectives to make get the job done that illuminates the parallels among natural and man-created constructions.

Grace: Has that normally been your target? To modify the world? How would you describe what motivates you?

Lonneke: Ralph and I want to explain to a story and encourage reactions via DRIFT’s function. Reconnecting persons with nature making use of technological innovation is the principal concept and vision that we aim to convey via all our artworks. It is all about looking at even further than the item you have in entrance of you and seriously connecting with it. With each other, character and technologies have the ability to produce a significant information that is way previous the basic operate of DRIFT’s do the job. We are inspired to develop perform that lets us to carry this eyesight to existence.

Grace: How much of the determination-earning in your apply is pushed by the two of you? Can you explain a normal working day in the studio in conditions of collaboration with your team?

Ralph: Mainly because we currently have a lot more than 60 men and women performing for the studio, connection is essential in final decision-creating for us. We strive to make conclusions with our team by harmonising and comprehension everyone’s tips and visions. Although it is just about difficult to always agree with just about every other, we arrive at an settlement by listening and combining perspectives. We attain this by getting standard conferences with the distinctive groups. We use everyone’s various perspectives to our advantage which allows us to obstacle the prospects.


Grace: Naturally, engineering has developed noticeably in the 15+ several years that DRIFT has been in existence, and at times, you have experienced a hand in development, too–I’m wondering about the algorithm at the rear of your drone-dependent do the job “Franchise Freedom.” How has your marriage with know-how modified about the yrs? Have you drawn any conclusions about it soon after owning examined and worked with it so instantly?

Ralph: Our major aim has always been to cultivate connections concerning humanity and mother nature. These connections are dynamic, but we require technologies as a usually means to form these connections. Ever since we started DRIFT, it has always been our objective to existing a optimistic vision of know-how. We have acquired that when engineering is formulated primarily based on human intuition and intuition relatively than the physical opportunities, we can produce significant and human-centered technologies.

When we to start with commenced DRIFT, we experienced a eyesight of translating the murmuration patterns of starlings into a gentle sculpture. We started exploring and designed an algorithm that mimics these patterns. It took above a decade for the technologies to make this achievable to exist and we produced “Franchise Liberty.” We operate with the mentality that nearly anything is achievable, consistently pushing the boundaries of engineering.

Grace: What does it look like to build anything primarily based on instinct and tuition? How do these two tenets manifest in follow?

Ralph: Our oeuvre is the end result of a steady dialogue between opposites: subtle handcraft and innovative systems understanding and instinct, and many others. With DRIFT’s function, we strive to develop an additional house where by the inside conflict between know-how and character doesn’t exist. That becoming said, sometimes we must hold out till the correct technologies is produced. We have a large cupboard with thoughts and visions waiting around for the ideal second to come out. By listening to our instinct the creation of a new get the job done can get years, but coming up with the strategy is pretty much a all-natural move of our feelings. We aim on what feels correct.




Grace: Where does the online and its outsized, and at times unsafe, job in today’s earth in good shape into your knowledge of technologies?

Ralph: The web has changed the globe. It created our life less complicated. Even so, it also adjusted us as human beings, in the way we think and act. Thanks to the online, the line in between truth and the electronic globe is fading quickly. Our living surroundings is getting a digital spot. This leads to the marriage concerning nature, engineering, and humanity to modify the moment once again. We imagine that we reside in a time wherever engineering and character are no for a longer period opposites but are codependent entities. For DRIFT, inspiration and organic phenomena often stand at the epicenter of our works—technology is just the implies to bring our visions to life—whereas the online permits us to share our visions with as a lot of men and women as possible.

For DRIFT, inspiration and pure phenomena generally stand at the epicenter of our works—technology is basically the signifies to carry our visions to life—whereas the online enables us to share our visions with as numerous people today as possible..Ralph Nauta

Grace: Your operate offers a large amount with sample, no matter if that be some thing located in nature like murmurations, the heads of bouquets, or in the recurring actions, wishes, and constraints of individuals that seem to be to repeat across hundreds of years. Can you converse to the thought of pattern and how it both physically and conceptually plays into your apply?

Lonneke: In our operate, we mimic the styles and frequencies present in our organic ecosystem. These styles are all close to us: waves crashing on to shores, the wind blowing into trees, and the murmuration styles of birds in flight. However, humanity appears to be to have dropped contact with these all-natural styles: our heartbeat, feelings, and breathing are crucial, nevertheless frequently disregarded rhythms. We feel that by mimicking these purely natural rhythms, we invite men and women to get back on to the very same wavelength and restore connections to the natural designs in our environment and inside of. In accomplishing so, we think we can reside more harmoniously, related to ourselves, just about every other, and our natural natural environment.


“Fragile Future”


Grace: Your exhibit, Moments of Link, is on watch now in Hamburg, and all three of the kinetic sculptures included are spectacularly multi-sensory and immersive. I’d adore to know far more about your target on the human interaction with your works, particularly when they are inclined to be so grand and allow for a number of strategies of encountering and approaching them (via noticeable, auditory, and spatial means).

Lonneke: With our perform, we truly want to inform a story an uplifting and hopeful new way of considering about every single other and our put in the natural planet. By involving as lots of of the senses as we can, we mimic the organic surroundings as intently as we can. This is why a overall performance piece provides sure benefits, in comparison to a permanent get the job done.

As the exhibition Times of Relationship is only obvious for a certain time period of time at a distinct area, it virtually will become a time capsule: an experience you share with a group of people. This types a relationship with that team a relationship that can be felt and contemplated several years just after, alternatively than a memory of only a physical item.

Grace: The unique experience and fleeting mother nature of our perceptions do lend them selves to the time capsule comparison, and but, I see your performs dealing with timeless themes. They are also frequently demonstrated in numerous various spaces throughout many several years. How do you balance these two ideas when building?

Lonneke: In the uncertain instances that we stay in, mother nature can give us assistance and give us the only path we can believe in. As a result, nature is a frequent topic in DRIFT’s works. Most gentleman-designed objects have a static variety, though every thing all-natural in this world, such as persons, are subject matter to continuous adaptation to their surroundings. Our kinetic sculptures are the outcome of how an inanimate object can mimic individuals modifications that express emotion. By retaining this mother nature topic consistent in our work, we want to make a sensation of relationship with nature.

In the unsure periods that we stay in, nature can supply us aid and give us the only path we can trust…Most male-built objects have a static form, while anything pure in this environment, including folks, are topic to frequent adaptation to their environment.Lonneke Gordijn

Grace: You not too long ago produced “DRIFTERS,” a collaborative video get the job done that displays massive concrete monoliths hovering in excess of New York Metropolis as a way to rethink our crafted environments. What visions do you have for shifting what we’ve often finished in this realm?

Ralph: Symbolizing a portal to an additional world, the movies portray a group of concrete blocks that float by both acquainted and imagined environments in New York Town and in other places, passing as a result of lush nature and dystopian city settings. The expertise culminates in the changeover from the movie into the bodily realm, as a monumental concrete monolith appears, in an atmosphere of hopeful levitation. The film is a futuristic standpoint on how metropolitan areas can split unfastened from the common procedure.

In this time, it is important to rethink the way we are living and how we assemble our modern society and setting. We want to break through established approaches of wondering and buildings, in purchase to restore our relationship to Earth. “DRIFTERS” will take position in New York, the cultural middle in the globe that dictates how individuals should be residing, compared to a town that is constructed primarily based on how individuals stay. The infrastructure that was at the time serving humanity is now primary. “DRIFTERS” breaks free from that system and invitations viewers to assume of substitute scenarios.


“Breaking Waves,” a job for Elphilharmonic


Grace: Given the breadth of your follow in considering facets of the local climate crisis, consumerism, the human affliction, etcetera., what are some of the troubles you see as most pressing or urgent influencing today’s entire world?

Lonneke: We are dwelling in defining moments as a final result of local climate transform our environment is shifting speedily. Nevertheless, humankind would seem to react to the modifying world extremely little by little, numbed by the motionless environments we live in, with tiny contact with character. When persons deficiency the emotion of becoming related to character, they will really feel no urgency to make a difference to the way we treat our earth. We want to bridge this disconnect with the earth: we believe that by reconnecting humanity with mother nature via technological innovation, we can make a sense of urgency for the health of the pure entire world and assistance acknowledge our dependence on character. DRIFT is continually functioning on producing ordeals that deliver folks jointly and join them cultivating a collective mission.

Grace: What are you at present performing on? What is future for you?

Ralph: There are a ton of enjoyable projects coming in 2022. In April this calendar year, we will celebrate the fifth anniversary of Elbphilharmonie with a significant outdoor spectacle, referred to as “Breaking Waves.” Choreographed to the next movement of Thomas Adès’ Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, hundreds of drones will ship a sign of pleasure and movement to the entire world in the Grand Corridor. The set up will premiere on April 28 just after dusk and go on for 3 consecutive nights. For the relaxation of the yr, DRIFT will continue to keep accomplishing what we have been doing for decades, connecting humans and nature through technological know-how.


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