Important Considerations When it Comes to Fire Sprinkler Installation

Fire sprinklers are perhaps the most effective line of defense when it comes to protecting property and lives in all types of structures and applications ranging from apartment complexes to whole towns. Automatic fire sprinkler systems were first put into use in 1874 by Marquis Orville Lee. Since then, they have gone through numerous modifications, upgrades, and improvements to ensure that every home, workplace, and other building that is equipped with one is as safe as it can be. Here are a few things that you might want to take a look at if you are in Houston and are looking for a fire sprinkler system:

The Fire Sprinkler System

If you are living in an apartment complex, you must check to make sure that the fire sprinkler system in your building is working correctly. It should be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some fire alarm systems require the calling of a signal for the sprinklers to be activated. You should also make sure that all employees within the building know the rules concerning fire safety. Many businesses and some apartments do not strictly adhere to fire safety regulations, and these types of fire risks must be tended to immediately.

If your building is certified by the Department of Safety, the HSCA, you should have a thorough inspection of the Fire sprinkler systems houston installed. If there is a backflow device present, it should be removed and cleaned. The reason for backflow is because of the pressure from the plumbing fixtures that create the fire. Removing the backflow device will help reduce the risk of an electrical fire starting if one was to occur. Most HSCA certified fire sprinkler systems, backflow preventers are grease-free.

A fire sprinkler system must be maintained regularly. If you do not keep up with your service needs, you may be at risk of having a false alarm. A fire sprinkler system is designed to protect your home and family. It is important to take care of them so that they work properly. If you are unsure about maintaining your system, contact Kauffman Co. today.

Sprinkler Installation And Fire Protection

When it comes to fire sprinkler installation and fire protection, you want to choose a company that uses high-quality products. There are many different types of fire protection products that can be used, but many of them contain harsh chemicals that can cause serious damage to your property. Besides, you need to make sure that your company has trained personnel who can handle the fire protection products. Only deal with a company that can provide you with a highly-qualified and highly-knowledgeable suppression team.

You should also take a close look at how the fire sprinklers are installed. A good company will have a series of well-trained individuals who will come into your home and put everything together. This will help ensure that you have complete peace of mind and that your home is protected from fire. When it comes to choosing a fire protection company, Kauffman is the best choice that you can make. They are knowledgeable, professional and will offer you great value for your money. You cannot go wrong when you deal with Kauffman.