How to Connect a Turntable to a PC?

The turntable is a circular spinning plate that mainly supports a record as it is played. Any turntable can be connected to your computer virtually, although if you want a standard record player, you must pre-amplify the signal first. When you use a turntable that works as a part of a stereo stack it, and it will already have a preamplifier.

However, if you’re using a stand-alone turntable, you are more likely to need to acquire a preamplifier, which is also known as a receiver. There are several modern turntables that are featured with a Universal Serial Bus connector that may eliminate the requirement for a separate preamp – this allows you to put the turntable directly into your computer.

However, recording from a turntable to a computer typically requires you to connect the audio output connection on the player to any of the audio input connections on your PC. A preamplifier is always needed before you start connecting your turntable to any computer in order to make sure it has a decent volume. In this article, you will learn how you can attach a turntable to a computer.

For Standard Turntable

First of all, put the connector at the end of an RCA stereo cable into the jack of your

Then you have to put the connectors at another end of the stereo cable into the input jacks of the preamp.
Now you will need to put the RCA connectors at one end of the adapter cable into the output jacks of your preamp.

And then you need to connect the mini stereo phone plug into the line-level input jack of the computer. You will find it as light blue jack.

For USB Turntable
USB turntable is entirely different from the conventional type turntables, as it is designed to work with computers. For this reason, most USB models tend to include programs to record or transfer vinyl to the data files. Most of the software packages provided comprise Audacity, an available for free and open-source editing and recording program. Also, the MixMeister’s EZ Vinyl/Audio Converter, OEM version of the pyro Audio Creator, and Cakewalk’s pyro Audio Creator LE. The Audacity is generally used below as an instance because it works similarly well on Mac and Windows PCs.

Firstly, you need to install the manufacturer-provided software for the USB turntable onto your PC.

Then you have to turn on the power to your USB turntable.
And then put the USB connector of your turntable into a USB socket on your PC.

Now you need to start the Audacity software. Do it by tapping on the Edit menu and select Preferences option.

Tap on the Devices option to see a list of options for recording and playback devices.
Then you have to tap on the Device pull-down list. You will find it in the Recording group.

Finally, you need to select “Microsoft Sound Mapper” or the USB driver that is provided by the turntable maker.

Now just tap on the OK button to close the screen.

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