Hog Homies NFTs on Elrond Blockchain! Why you should get one Today!


In 2022, amongst the thousands of NFT jobs on the web, Hog Homies is possibly the most formidable a person in my particular viewpoint. The most lively artwork in the Non-fungible house is from hog homies.

In this report, we will see about five assignments by the Hog Homies. If you are unaware of hog homies, Hog Homies are a assortment of Hog-themed NFTs made by the popular Rapper Hello-Rez, Most of these NFTs are hand-drawn by Matts and dwell in the Ethereum Community and they commenced Migrating to Elrond Blockchain. The NFT that you get is also a ticket to the Hog Universe which is a sandbox wherever you can play online games, enjoy demonstrates, and so on.,

Hog Homies OG

This is the original undertaking with a constrained volume of NFT arts. You can check out the art listed here. It consists of well-liked hog homies art like Pusha P, Pig L, Pork Balogne, Hamce the Rapper, Snoop Pigg, and many others., They are the authentic kinds that are highly valued in the NFT marketplace.

You can acquire them by making use of cryptocurrencies and you would need to combine your blockchain wallet in the marketplace where you are acquiring the NFT artwork. In addition to that, every single Hog Homies OG Artwork holders get a % income of all quarterly including every art and merch and even sandbox earnings.

Hog Homies VIP Gold Pass

When it comes to Hog Homies VIP GOLD Move, you will get free of charge mint or airdrop of every single hog homie selection for a life time. It’s like distinctive high quality obtain to all HOG HOMIES articles and even activities.

You can order the HOG HOMIES VIP GOLD Go for 35 EGLD from all out there NFT marketplaces. Also, a Gold VIP go will get 1 absolutely free of every single mint/airdrop for good.

Hog Homies Life time Go

HH Life span go helps make you WL (Whitelisted) for all the new Hog Homies assignments. Just lately HH Go holders obtained Whitelisted for TECH (The Elrond Club Household)

Piglet Homies

Piglet Homies are lesser-priced piglet-based artwork that you can find in the Hog Homies NFT Area. They are valued all around d6-10 EGLD. They are pleasurable to glimpse at and also will come up with so a lot of accessories and color combinations.

In addition to that, Piglets also get staking rewards.

Personally, I adore them. The OG projects focus on the flagship rap artists but the piglet tasks are particularly fun and affordable to the other artists out there.

Hog Homies vs BAYC Comics

Hog Homies vs BAYC Comics is a collaboration undertaking that is also readily available in the NFT marketplace. This selection is purely out there in the Elrond market and you can test them out if you locate it intriguing.

These comics act as multipliers for staking benefits from piglets. You can also receive a actual physical comedian which may well include a GOLDEN WONKA TICKET in it. This ticket can get you absolutely free piglets, comics, passes, EGLD, etc.,

The total volume of the challenge is 1200 at the moment and there is a serious desire amid admirers in the Elrond Area. The floor price tag is at present close to 3.75 EGLD.

One extra matter to recall is that every one holder of Hog Homies written content has the privilege to enter the Giveaways which takes place additional frequently than you would imagine. But selected giveaways have their possess procedures and may well be restricted to sure conclude-consumers.

Please be mindful that you will not likely be getting Hog Homies in the OpenSea marketplace anymore. They are presently in the procedure of migrating to the Elrond Marketplace. So, far better to test it out directly in the Elrond Marketplace. If you want to know additional about NFT Marketplaces, verify out the report right here.


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