Free WordPress Hosting Limitations and How to Avoid Them? 

Limitations of free WordPress hosting and how to avoid them

WordPress is a widely used and popular content management system for creating and managing the website. 

Projections indicate that WordPress will be used by  810 million websites by 2023. This accounts for about 43% of all websites. If we talk about only New Zealand, more than 91,419 NZ customers use WordPress.

Although WordPress is free, WordPress Hosting in NZ or elsewhere is not. Still, many people look for free WordPress and NZ Domain Hosting hosting options, which often come with various limitations and vulnerabilities that become hurdles to a website’s success.

This blog article will explore the limitations of free WordPress Hosting and how to avoid them.

Free or Cheap WordPress Hosting Limitations And Solutions To Avoid Them

Limitation 1: Limited storage and bandwidth

  • Free WP Hosting provides limited storage and bandwidth, which fits every piece of your cloth in a small drawer or tiny wardrobe.
  • Moreover, limited storage consumes the user’s time as they have to constantly monitor their website storage space and delete the files regularly to get some space.
  • Whereas limited bandwidth leads to users constantly worrying about the website’s speed and performance, as so much traffic can slow down the website or even cause it to crash.

Solution 1:  Upgrade to paid hosting or use cloud storage

  • To eliminate the limitation of storage and bandwidth, you can upgrade your hosting plan to a paid or premium WordPress Hosting plan according to your business need. 
  • You can also choose cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox, which has to reduce the space used by large files and media.

Limitation 2: Limited themes and plugins

  • Free WordPress Hosting often comes with Limited themes and plugins and fewer customization options, which makes users unable to create the website according to their liking.
  • Themes and plugins are essential to make the website more attractive to the user and increase its functionality. 
  • However, the Limited options stop the users from creating a unique and professional-looking website.

Solution 2: Use free themes or invest in premium options

  • You can use the free themes available on different websites to overcome the above limitation.
  • Or you can invest in the premium theme and plugin options to make your website more worth it to the eyes and needs of the visitors.

Limitation 3: Limited support and security

  • Free WordPress Hosting offers Limited support and security, creating great problems for the user. 
  • Limited support means having no one to rely on in case you need any help, which sometimes leads to wasting your time and efforts.
  • In addition, limited security means your website is vulnerable to attack by hackers, which makes no point in making much effort if one attack will flood the way of your hard work.

Solution 3: Choose a Reputable Hosting Provider

  • The perfect way to avoid this limitation is to choose the best reliable and reputable best WordPress Hosting provider, which will give you 24 into 7 customers and Technical Support. 
  • And they offer various latest security features, software, and tools to protect your website from harmful attacks.


Free WordPress Hosting may work for you or attract you, but it can be useful for some and a short period. However, you should be aware of its limitations and then take the necessary steps to avoid them.

Because always remember that web hosting is like a foundation for a website, and a strong foundation makes it easy to achieve greater heights and success.

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