Falling Down The Labyrinth With Wooden Microphone Design


It employed to be that when we featured 1 of [Frank Olson]’s Diy ribbon microphone builds, it was purely natural to target on the truth that he was creating them virtually completely from wood. But inspite of how counterintuitive it might feel, and for as many opinions as we get that his microphones should not work without having metal in the ribbon motors, microphones like this wooden RCA Model 77 copy both seem and audio great.

But ironically, this homage options a vital piece that’s actually not made of wood. The 77’s pickup sample was cardioid, generating for a directional mic that picked up sound finest from the entrance, thanks to an acoustic labyrinth that greater the path duration for incoming sound waves. [Frank]’s labyrinth was made from epoxy resin poured into a mould built from significant paper, generating a cylinder with multiple parallel tunnels. The tops and bottoms of adjacent tunnels were being connected jointly, producing an acoustic route more than a meter extended. The ribbon motor, as near to a replicate of the authentic as achievable employing wooden, sits atop the labyrinth block’s output underneath a wood veneer shell that does its ideal to imitate the classic capsule-formed windscreen of the unique. The video below, which of course was narrated employing the mic, exhibits its construction in depth.

If you want to check out [Frank]’s other wooden microphones, and you should, test out the gorgeous Design 44 replica that appears completely ready for [Sinatra], or the Bk-5-like mics he whipped up for drum package recording.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=MJRelHxPWDU


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