Decorating Your Walls With Metal Panelling

25 Unique Decorative Wall Panel Designs For Accent Walls

Never ignore the importance of your wall designs. They have a huge impact on the look of your interior design. It is crucial that you create a beautiful wall design that will elevate the aesthetic beauty of the space. There are lots of different wall design ideas you can consider for this purpose. Paint is the most popular option among Indian homeowners. However, if you want something more durable and sturdier, you can consider choosing metal panelling for your walls. 

Metal panelling is quite popular for decorating the interior walls of your home. People love it because of its unique look. Also, it can withstand almost anything and lasts a very long period of time. You can accentuate almost all room interior designs using metal panelling. If you are planning to choose metal panelling but are not sure about what metal panelling design you should choose, here are a few metal panel wall design ideas you can consider:

01 of 05 Decorative metal wall panels for your home interiors

You can create an appealing interior design with metal panels on your walls. There are many statement pieces in the market that will certainly be great conversation starters. Look for an option that goes well with your home interior design. It will certainly add more elegance and visual interest to the space. However, this wall panelling can be used in other ways than decorating the wall as well. For instance, you can use this option to smartly create a partition and separate different rooms. Therefore, you will not have to create walls for separation. It will save both money and time.

02 of 05 Choose interior steel wall panels to add more privacy

Metal panels are not only used for decoration. When smartly used, they can have more practical benefits. For instance, you can choose this option if you want to add more privacy to any particular area like your bedroom or living space. However, this does not mean that you have to choose elaborate options and make a lot of expenses. Simple metal panel options like a chain link fence can do the trick. It will act as a shield that will block a clear view while allowing light to pass through it. Therefore, you will be able to keep the space shielded from prying eyes.

Even though this option is quite functional, it might not appear very appealing. As a result, the appeal of the room can diminish. To avoid this, you can hang different items like planters, photos, etc. in the gaps. 

03 of 05 Opt for corrugated metal panelling for aesthetic beauty

Many people opt for corrugated wall panels for decorating the interior walls. This is mostly preferred when people try to get the warehouse look for their homes. You can add more depth and character to your home interior decor as these panels have a three-dimensional texture. 

However, it is important that you consider the room before opting for the metallic look. According to experts, it is always better to tone down the metallics in the bedroom or living room. Instead, you should consider adding a pop of fresh colour. This can be anything depending on the rest of the colours used in your home decor. In case you are not sure about the colour, a few trendy options you can consider are faded yellow, powder blue, and blush pink. You will be able to easily make the wall design stand out in your room. It will attract more attention as well. 

04 of 05 Add textures to walls with metal panelling 

As mentioned earlier, you can create a very appealing and distinctive look by opting for corrugated wall panels for interior walls. This wall panelling design features vertical and horizontal bars. However, you may not like this pattern. Many people look for options that are quite different and will help to give the interior home decoration a diverse look. Experts suggest choosing the textured heavy-duty aluminium wall panels for this purpose. These wall panels have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. There are various ways to create the design on a metal surface, like embossed, laser cut, or etched. Generally, these panels are used for floor designs. However, there are no strict rules that say you cannot use them for walls. You can experiment with the and install the panels on the walls for creating many captivating murals. 

05 of 05 Decorate the interior walls with gloss metal panelling 

Do you want to give a gloss and shiny finish to your interior walls? Gloss metal panels are great for this purpose. Although many believe that glass will be a better option, you must not forget that glass will require more maintenance. Also, the material is not as sturdy and durable as metal. You can instantly upgrade the wall design idea of any space in your home decor by introducing their lustrous shine. Moreover, the reflection in them will make the interior design appear more spacious. Therefore, people living in small urban homes can benefit from this option significantly. Many people chose the greyish hue for the wall panel design. However, some find it too dull and opt for metallic colours like silver, gold, bronze, and copper. You can choose any option depending on your preferences. 

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