Best 10 broadband services of the UK

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The broadband service providers in the UK are more than 100 in number. However, out of all these, only a few are known for their exceptional services. Like the rest of the world, telecom use in UK is on the rise and will continue on the same path indefinitely. This is due to the dawn of the digital era. The future of the world is artificial intelligence and that requires a reliable broadband connection. The dawn of the new era has introduced work from home to most households. Due to this, no person can survive without the internet. But we have to keep in mind that we cannot paint everyone with the same brush. The broadband requirement of every person and every family varies. And for you to find the best match, be very sure of what exactly your requirements are. 

Are you a small family or a big one? Are there any gamers in your family? Does anyone in your family earn directly from the internet? Are you looking for broadband service for commercial purposes? All of these factors will drive your decision in selecting the internet service. A lot of cable tv providers are in the business of broadband services as well. 

Types of Internet Connections in the UK

The oldest internet service in the UK was the slowest one. And with the advances in technology and the introduction of fibre optics, broadband services have come a long way. Following are a few of the delivery services that the broadband companies use:

  • ADSL
  • FTTC
  • FTTP

All of these services have different uses, but all are capable of providing high speed and high-quality internet.

The top internet service providers of UK

Following are without doubt the best and most reliable internet service providers of the UK.

  1. Zen

Zen is on the expensive side of the spectrum but it provides a stable and secure high speed internet and suits businesses the best. It provides speed upto 300Mbps

  1. EE Broadband

EE broadband has 87 percent customer satisfaction rate due to its reliable and high speed internet as well as a wide variety of packages available for mobile phones as well as wireless. 

  1. Virgin Media Broadband

Awarded the best internet service provider award, Virgin Media Broadband provides bandwidth ranging from 652 Mbps to 1130 Mbps. That is more than enough reliable internet for anybody.

  1. BT Broadband

It is the largest internet provider in the UK with 18 monthly subscriptions. However, it has low customer satisfaction rates.

  1. Sky Broadband

It is one of the expensive services available but not with the best broadbands in term of speed according to the cost. However, Sky Broadband has good customer satisfaction.

  1. Utility Warehouse

This company provides house internet as well as other utilities like gas and electricity. Its not the fastest option but also not the slowest. Utility Warehouse offers different Mbps packages like 35 Mbps and 65 Mbps. You can also visit the provider to get better deals.

  1. Hyperoptic Broadband

With speed ranging from 55 Mbps to 900 Mbps, all plans of this company are unlimited. The company is expanding its reach with each new client.

  1. Now Broadband

Available with a Now TV pass subscription, Now Broadband rivals with one of the best internet provider services. It provides speed upto 63 Mbps.

  1. Vodafone

If you want speed and reliability, then you can choose vodafone that provides broadband options at 35 Mbps and 65 Mbps.

  1. TalkTalk

             This company provides internet at fixed rates and gives internet speed from 11 Mbps to  67 Mbps.

Other than these internet service providers there are other cheaper options available as well. But quality comes with money. You will be sacrificing on speed, quality and reliability if you lower your budget for internet subscription.

What you need to look for in your internet service provider

The first thing you need to look for is the speed of the internet. The second thing is the bandwidth the company is providing. You can read reviews online or ask people in your area if they have had a previous experience with the internet service provider of your choice. A very important thing is to compare the cost of different subscriptions. Some companies provide free routers and you can look into this as well. At the end, make sure the provider you choose has excellent customer service but that is what matters the most. You don’t want to be left without the internet while trying to reach out to your internet provider for days on end.